March 2017 Income Report—First Month

I launched my blog on March 18th, 2017. Technically, my blog hasn’t been live for a full month yet but I decided to post my first end-of-month income report anyway. You’re probably assuming that I haven’t started making money on my blog yet since I’ve just started blogging. Well, you’d be correct. In fact, I’m in a deficit and likely will be for the first few months. However, I’ve already started putting things in place in order to start generating money. In this income report, I’ve created a breakdown of what I’ve spent so far and I’ll share what income generating tools I’ve put in place to jumpstart my income.

First, let’s take a look a the investment I put into this blog thus far.

  • Bluehost Hosting with a Free Domain For 1 year – $59.40 (This also included Sitelock security and domain privacy protection)
  • Camila WordPress theme from Creative Market – $39
  • Ninja Popups for WordPress from Code Canyon – $25
  • Opt-In Panda for WordPress from Code Canyon – $25 ($23 plus a $2 fee)
  • Slider Revolution by ThemePunch from Code Canyon (recommended for this WordPress theme) – $27 ($25 plus a $2 fee)
  • Boosted Facebook Post to promote my Facebook support group for bloggers – $39.09

Total Spent: $214.49

Total Earned: $0

What are some of the things I’ve put in place in order to start generating some money? I signed up to both and I created publications on both of these websites for SEO purposes as they both link back to my site. Also, I’m hoping that these sites will help generate more traffic to my blog. In addition, Small Teaser claims to pay you for posting your content on their platform by sharing their ad revenue with you. So, why not?

This month, I also signed up to Facebook, Google Plus and created a LinkedIn page for my blog. I did not want to create a separate account so I decided to use my personal Twitter and Instagram account—I don’t use either very often. I also used an old Pinterest account that I had from before and just changed the name and URL. I’m so happy that I didn’t have to start from scratch, although my Pinterest page has always needed help—learning how to use Pinterest properly is my next project.

March 2017 Income Report

On LinkedIn, I post my latest blog posts to my blog’s company page. I also post a portion of my blog posts in LinkedIn’s Pulse. I can see that the people I’m connected with have read my articles and I even received a couple of thumbs up on them. My impressions have been really high which is a major plus. At this point, I’ve decided to continue using LinkedIn primarily for SEO although I’ve noticed in my Google analytics that I’ve received some visitors from LinkedIn.

Which platforms send me the most traffic? It may or may not come at a surprise to learn that Facebook is currently sending me the majority of my traffic right now. However, according to my Google analytics, I was surprised to see a decent amount of traffic coming from Small Teaser, which is, at the moment, my second best traffic source. Google Plus and Medium sent me a little and Pinterest performed the least of all. I’m very eager to get started with Pinterest as I’ve read about its potential from a few other bloggers.

I also signed up to and partnered with a couple affiliate programs in March and plan on signing up with more in April. The two that I’ve signed up with so far are Bluehost and Amazon. I’ve used Bluehost before in the past and always thought their prices were reasonable and their customer service was excellent. I am also a big Amazon fan. I often shop on Amazon and I’m a prime member.

Overall, I think my first month went quite well. I was able to set up my blog the way I wanted it, produce five articles, set up my social media accounts, and I already received two subscribers. I’m feeling pretty good. What about you? I’d love to hear about your first month of blogging. How did it go? Tell us about it in the comments below.



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