Ten Things I Love About Miami

Last year, I dropped my very first video on my YouTube channel Geneva B. On The Go. That video was on my list of 10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Miami.

The intention was to shed light on the realities of living in Miami.

Why? Because I felt that many people thought of Miami as some dream place to live.

While Miami is very nice, especially weather-wise, it isn’t exactly how the movies and other mainstream media make it appear.

There are countless individuals who were disillusioned and then receive a reality check after moving here.

The disappointment is usually compounded for those who actually do visit first because these individuals feel that they are doing their due diligence by investigating the area before moving.

The problem with that is, these people act like a tourist and they come here with a vacation mindset without really investigating Miami as a potential place to live, work, make friends, join communities, network, etc.

These individuals usually have, what I like to call, Shiny Object Syndrome.

The shiny object syndrome is when a person always sees something else as new and more exciting to have than what they already have.

As a consequence, people come here and are totally convinced that this place is the place they want to live, without doing some real investigation.

On The Flip Side

Although most people found the video to be helpful and informative, a few people mentioned that they felt I was being negative in their opinions. While that wasn’t my intention, I did understand where they were coming from.

I suppose it is important to share every aspect of Miami—the good, bad, and ugly.

So, I thought I would do another video on the same subject but this time focusing only on the positive things I love about Miami.

Here is my video of the top ten things I love about Miami in 2018.

Author: Geneva B.

Geneva Bell is a digital marketer and business coach. She enjoys traveling and considers herself a foodie. **THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO.

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  • I was in Miami last April and I have to admit, I really did enjoy myself — and the food was glorious and lets be real, that’s REALLY why I travel!!! I am not much of a beach person AT ALL but I did find myself enjoy the boat rides I took! PS: my best friend lives there!!!! Her website is HUSTLEJUICE – you should check her out and meet her!