My Trip To Curacao

Yikes! Has it really been four months since I last wrote a blog post? Afraid so. Why are we so busy that we can’t seem to find the time to do with little things that bring us pleasure? Ah yes! Because we are adults who have to work and do a whole bunch of other really important and responsible things to ensure that we don’t end up homeless or in debt.

Well, I promise to try to pump out at least one of these posts a month now. Have you heard that before? Hey, I said I promise to try. Anyway, I actually have some content to fill the pages of my blog at the moment so the only thing missing is the time. I just came back from vacation, can you believe it?


Ah, vacations! We spend all year planning for them and then they are over within a blink of the eye. It’s enough to make you quit your job to become a freelancer with more freedom but I digress. One of the islands we visited on our seven-day Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean was Curacao. I must say, it really took me by surprise.

It was nothing how I imagined—I felt like we were somewhere in the outback of Australia rather than a Caribbean island. The Dutch Caribbean island was full of cactus, thorn bushes and divi-divi trees—it truly felt like I was in Africa or Australia. We were astonished to learn that Curacao is currently in their rainy season but it was dry and hot like a desert.


It was nice and I’m very happy that I have finally been to the infamous Curacao but it isn’t likely that I would go again. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. That’s the great thing about going on excursions when cruising, you get to see a little bit of a place but enough to help you determine whether or not you would come back or never visit again. Check out my visuals!



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